Color Readings

Color  ~  Pattern  ~  Shape

Self  ~  Path  ~ Purpose

What are your color choices saying about you today?

Color readings are a wonderful, fun way to find out a little about yourself and to get intuitives messages.

When you have a color reading, I may ask what color, pattern and shapes you are wearing, are in your favorite room, or your favorite and least favorite colors. I won't know until the time of the reading. From there we will begin to explore what it means for you. Colors tell the story that is wanting to be told...to you.

Readings are $25 for 10 minute reading time. If you'd like a longer, more in depth reading, I suggest scheduling a Divine Connection. 

Special bonus package - Get 2 readings for $40.
A great way to give a personalized gift.


Please Note

Anything discussed will not replace medical, psychological, legal or any other type of service, advice or help for you. Always consult professionals for any decisions you make. This is very important! By purchasing a session, you agree to this disclaimer. Thank you.