Every_once_in_a_whileYou are divine spirit but sometimes its hard to tune into that inner voice. I can help you receive the messages you are meant to hear or help you clear the chatter, so you can allow them to flow. I am a spirit communicator having no particular method of receiving the messages. It is a time of communing with spirit and you. You can ask any questions you like and we'll see what comes through for you. I don't do predictions, the future is always changing and you are responsible for your choices in creating your future. But I can tell you what I see as possibilities. For a more indepth discussion, please consider Spiritual Awareness Guidance. I look forward to exploring and experiencing your divine spirit.

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60 Minute minimum for the first session.


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Anything discussed will not replace medical, psychological, legal or any other type of service, advice or help for you. Always consult professionals for any decisions you make. This is very important! By purchasing a session, you agree to this disclaimer. Thank you.