I_am_openWe'll walk together along on your path of experiencing and exploring, and discuss what's happening and where it's taking you. You can talk about anything that is on your mind and I will pass along all messages or visions, as they come through for you.

When guided to do so, I'll share personal spiritual experiences that might help you on your journey. As with all spiritual communication, I will tell you all I get for you, but keep in mind, the future is always changing. I don't predict the future, you create it.

Whether you're just beginning your journey, starting a new path, thinking of changing paths or well on your way, remember, you are not alone. I will help you make your spiritual practice, your spiritual life.

Let's walk a while and see where this wonderful journey of life guides us....together.

This is about you, the divine you. You are Divine Spirit.

I may suggest that you read, listen to, watch and join in as many various teachings and experiences as you are curious to learn. It can help you find out more about the many facets of who you are and what life means for you. We will discuss what you've experienced and discover the meaning it has for you. As your awareness and understanding expands, our discussions will naturally deepen.

If so inspired, contact me for a chat. Our first 15 minutes is free and will show us the path we might travel together, if you decide to explore it.


60 Minute minimum for the first session.


Please Note

Anything discussed will not replace medical, psychological, legal or any other type of service, advice or help for you. Always consult professionals for any decisions you make. This is very important! By purchasing a session, you agree to this disclaimer. Thank you.